Mental health encompasses our emotional, social and psychological wellbeing and is an essential part of ensuring overall health and wellness. It has a widespread impact on the different facets of one’s life. Recognizing the importance of good mental health, the Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Well-being (SCEW) was established in August 2018. SCEW aims to providing promotive, preventive, and curative mental health care services within the Symbiosis community and emphasizes on a model of collaborative care.

Our team comprises of diverse and skilled Mental Health Professionals, deputed to various campuses of SIU and led by their Head, Dr. Girija Mahale, and Deputy Head, Dr. Rahul Bagale. We offer counseling, psychotherapy and psychiatric consultation services to all students, staff, and faculty members across SIU while emphasizing privacy, confidentiality, comfort, and a sense of security for our clients. To ensure extensive outreach and impact, the team undertakes various initiatives and conducts awareness drives, workshops, training programs, and webinars for all stakeholders.


  • To promote mental health and wellness amongst students, staff and community.
  • To bridge the gap in mental health care by enhancing accessibility and quality of care.
  • To focus on early detection, identification, and appropriate interventions for mental health concerns.
  • To build a network of peer support and cultivate resilience within the student community.
  • To promote a clear understanding of mental health through workshops, webinars, and other educational programs.
  • To improve knowledge and application of emotional wellbeing through the committed pursuit of knowledge and research.
  • To undertake various capacity-building initiatives.
  • To provide all of the above in an ethical and competent manner supported by empirical evidence and best practices.



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