BSc Mental health

BSc Mental health

About the Programme

In order to bridge the gap between the large and diverse mental health needs of the population and the need for trained mental health practitioners, SCEW commenced its journey to provide expertise in designing and launching a 4 year degree course in Mental Health. The B.Sc. (Hons.) Mental Health is a 4-year full-time program at Symbiosis Institute for Health Sciences. The institute offers a robust and holistic curriculum to train students in behaviour, emotions, and psychology. The programme adopts a multi-disciplinary approach highlighting the need to integrate various factors to manage mental illnesses and acquire in-depth knowledge in psychology and behavioural sciences. The programme focuses on building core competencies and skills, such as empathy, communication, negotiation, collaboration, psychoeducation, and drafting integrated management plans for passion-driven students willing to pursue a degree with application of psychology in Mental Health. Students with a knack in applied psychology will also be trained in Mental Health advocacy, awareness, and destigmatization.

Key Program Takeaways

  • Comprehensive understanding and multi-disciplinary approach to Mental Health.
  • Focus on building core competencies and skills through a robust and holistic curriculum in Mental Health and Psychology after 12th.
  • Apply clinical skills and in-depth knowledge of Mental Health, Psychology and behavioural sciences in assessing individuals.
  • Design awareness programmes regarding Mental Health issues to improve overall well-being with skill based honour degree in Mental Health from SIHS.
  • to improve the psychological well-being of the teaching and non-teaching staff in schools.
  • Implement communication and counselling skills to psychoeducation and support individuals and families.
  • Liaise with Mental Health professionals and offer students exponential opportunities in the care of patients & rehabilitation of the chronically mentally ill.
  • Students from any stream can pursue a career in Human Resource or Community Mental Health with B.Sc. (Hons.) Mental Health
  • Link for more information about the Programme: bsc_mentalhealth (

BSc Mental health



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