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Emotional competency through EQ

To increase the EQ level, the understanding of emotional health issues and cultivate resilience skills thereby enabling young individuals to better regulate their health and wellbeing, and empowering them to flourish and contribute to the larger society. SCEW has conducted a series of value added courses on Emotional Intelligence for students in order to suport their holistic growth and development.

Building Job readiness

Building Job Readiness is a skill-based course designed to help budding professionals to effectively meet the challenges on the job and thrive in their roles, while also understanding oneself and one’s career path better. SCEW has offered value added courses on job readiness to students.

Multidisciplinary course on Emotional Intelligence

SCEW is offering a multidisciplinary course in emotional intelligence for personal growth. The foundational aspects of emotional intelligence in this dynamic, multidisciplinary course for first-year undergraduates. The course will help the students uncover its impact on personal development, emphasizing its significance as a life skill crucial for positive interpersonal relationships. Through engaging modules, students learn to identify and manage emotions, gaining practical skills for life and teamwork. Beyond theory, the course nurtures self-awareness and empathy, ensuring a transformative journey toward personal growth and enriched relationships.

Non credit course on Emotional Wellness

Symbiosis International University is a Health Promoting University that highly values mental health. Thus, the Emotional Wellbeing Course has been introduced as a compulsory course for all UG students. This course will enable the students to flourish in their personal life by imparting them the skills to nurture their self-esteem, self-awareness, emotional regulation, sexual health, coping skills, interpersonal relationships, and mental health literacy. The course will also empower the students to break the stigma around mental illnesses and seek the right support when they need it.



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